• Online MSU Graduate Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention: Class starts May 13, 2013

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    If you wantcap and mouse to position your organization to deter the bad guys – not just to keep defending against the next melamine or horse meat – a strategic approach based on education is critical. Many programs are in “Whac-A-Mole” mode, always chasing the next incident.

    The first course in our online Graduate Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention Summer Semester starts on May 13, 2013. This  course is the Anti-Counterfeit Strategy and Product Protection three-credit course, which covers non-traditional food science disciplines such as the behavioral sciences, criminology, packaging, supply chain security, and consumer behavior. These are new disciplines to apply to the food science and food safety arena.

    The course and certificate are based under the Master of Science in Food Safety Program  which has been award-winning and highly acclaimed since it started in 2002. Our graduates are positioned across the Food Safety marketplace and form a vast network. Our biggest recruiting tool is the alumni network itself. The Anti-Counterfeit Strategy and Product Protection course has been taught since 2008 and was requested by, and developed with, industry and agency partners. (I’ve been an instructor in the program since 2005.) The title may seem to emphasize intellectual property rights counterfeiting but the concepts apply to all product fraud – the bad guys are focused on all types of cheating, not just on food adulteration.

    The Food Safety Program – including the certificate, and course — are all taught online and eighty-percent of the students are working professionals. We have students taking the courses who are leading the industry and participating while living in or traveling to all corners of the world. Also, you don’t have to be an MSU student to take the courses since there is an option for “lifelong education” students to enroll (enroll here). A typical course is offered during a regular MSU semester. Summer Semester starts on May 13 and ends August 15. The content is divided into weekly assignments, with the content opening on Monday and essay quiz assessments due on Sunday. There are no mid-terms or final exams for this course. The essays provide an opportunity for working professionals to include practical insight and expertise. (Here are some details of the course including screen shots) . The graduate course is three credits and is $1,800 for Michigan residents or $2,200 for non-residents.

    An easy entry point for professionals seeking to further their education is the Food Fraud Overview MOOC. That Overview MOOC will be supported by a Food Fraud Advanced MOOC scheduled for later this year. For those professionals who need a more formal and more in-depth education, the graduate course and Graduate Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention were developed. These are real for-credit MSU graduate courses and the credits can be rolled into one of many MSU online Master’s Degrees influencing Food Safety with a focus on Food Fraud.

    Online graduate education is a tried-and-true opportunity for working professionals who want to take their expertise to the next level.

    Position yourself to be a leader in this emerging discipline of Food Fraud… check here to learn more about the online opportunities. JWS.

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