• Food Fraud Executive Education: Seminar Oct. 22-23

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    Beaumont Towerat MSU

    Beaumont Tower at MSU

    So, you’re responsible for keeping horsemeat and melamine out of your product and your boss out of jail.  Do you focus on detection, deterrence, prevention, or all three at once?  Our next Food Fraud Executive Education is being offered here at MSU on October 22 and 23.  This will be my tenth time leading this seminar, and each time the program reveals surprising discoveries.  In addition, the networking of the attendees is becoming even more dynamic and important.   Here is the link to register.

    Back in May 2007 we conducted an anti-counterfeiting meeting, which was attended by 18 members of industry, agencies, associations, and other academics.  We originally gathered the group to discuss a research project, but the attendees asked for curriculum.  That direction led to us creating the Anti-Counterfeit Strategy and Product Protection graduate course in May 2008.  In February 2009 – three months before I finished my anti-counterfeiting PhD from the MSU School of packaging – I created and offered the first Anti-Counterfeit Strategy Executive Education.

    With requests from the food industry for more specific education to meet its specific needs, the Food Fraud Executive Education Seminar was then created.  The content still covers the broad product fraud threats and prevention concepts, but with a food focus.  For example, with current activities related to FSMA or GFSI, a major focus of the food industry is now on raw ingredient fraud rather than counterfeit packaged product in the market.   That said, counterfeit product incidents are still a primary concern for many companies.

    The Food Fraud Executive Education leverages food protection-related topics from many of our other MSU graduate courses:

    • Anti-Counterfeit Strategy and Product Protection (VM 840)
    • Food Protection and Defense (VM 821)
    • Packaging for Food Safety (VM 814)
    • Quantifying Food Risk (VM 825)
    • Global Food Safety (VM 824)

    The range of topics includes:

    •  Anti-Counterfeit Strategy
    • Diversion
    • Tamper-Resistance
    • Theft Prevention: Shoplifting, Cargo Theft, and Employee Theft
    • Roles in Authentication
    • Supply Chain Security
    • Legislation and Regulations – including FSMA, GFSI, and ISO
    •  Criminology and Behavioral Sciences
    • Consumer Behavior

    I lead the structured, education-focused lectures and usually include two industry practitioners and one member of an agency.  The format is very interactive and we keep the class sizes smaller so we can have a lot of one-on-one conversations.

    This Executive Education has been an excellent way for industry to build a solid educational foundation to make efficient and effective food fraud prevention decisions.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require additional information.  JWS.

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