• Presentations: BRC Food Safety Americas (Orlando) and EU Food Integrity Conference (Bilbao)

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    Moyer BRC 2015  title slide Attached you will find advance copies of presentations at two separate conferences this week. We are honored to be invited to present to both of these organizations and to be on the agenda with such important and influential leaders.

    Also, I am pleased and honored to more formally introduce my MSU FFI colleague, Dr. Doug Moyer, who will be conducting this presentation. We co-teach many MSU Food Safety and Food Fraud-related courses. He is also an Assistant Professor in the Program in Public Health at MSU.

    BRC Food Safety Americas

    Focus: “Food Safety Challenges: Relevant and cutting-edge agenda that reflects the challenges and opportunities of today’s food safety industry.”

    Tuesday, March 24-Wedneday, March 25, Orlando

    Presentation: Developing a Food Fraud Prevention Program: Assessing food fraud vulnerabilities and how to develop Food Fraud prevention strategies

    Presenter: Douglas C. Moyer, Assistant Professor, Food Fraud Initiative and Program in Public Health, Michigan State University

    Dr. Moyer will be conducting a presentation on Wednesday March 25 at 2:20pm. A copy of his presentation is at this LINK.

    Moyer BRC 2015  title slide










    EU Food Integrity Conference 

    Focus: “Assuring the integrity of the food chain: food authenticity research priorities and funding opportunities”

    Thursday, March 26 – Friday, March 27, Bilbao, Spain

    Presenter: John Spink, Director & Assistant Professor, Food Fraud Initiative, Michigan State University. Moderator: Co-Chair, Session 2: “Food Integrity the project. First results.” The Co-Chair is Barbara Gallani of the Food & Drink Federation.

    Poster Presentations:

    • Food Fraud, Product Fraud, Counterfeiting and Piracy: Measurement Issues of Economic Impact Estimates, Authors: John Spink and Zoltan Fejes (School of Criminal Justice, MSU)
    • Defining the Types of Fraud, Types of Fraudsters, and Offender Organizations Including the Development of an Incident Clustering Tool, Authors: John Spink, Douglas C Moyer, Hyeonho Park (Director & Professor, Institute of Crime Science, Yong In University, Korea), and Justin Heinonen (Independent Consultant)
    • Defining New Perspectives for Addressing the Human Health Risk of Food Fraud: A Case Study of the Nigerian Combating Counterfeiting and Sub-Standard Medicines Initiatives, Authors: John Spink, Douglas C Moyer, and Michael Rip (Director, Program in Public Health, MSU).


    As we have done before, we will post follow-up summaries of the conferences. JWS.

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      Good morning, John, and thanks for this update. The link to the presentation being offered @ the EU Integrity Conference in Bilbao is not available here. Looking forward to reviewing it. JB

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