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    Question: are you compliant with current FSMA and GFSI requirements for Food Fraud?  Including a Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment for all types of Food Fraud and all products including ingredients and packaged goods? If not, then see below…

    Food Fraud Business Executive Education Short Course

    • February 7-8-9*, 2017, MSU– OPEN REGISTRATION
    • July 18-19-20*, 2017, MSU (Tentative, based on FSMA & GFSI demand)
    • September 26-27-28*, 2017, MSU

    *NOTE: The first day starts at 1pm and the last day ends at Noon for each of the above sessions. (This schedule allows for arriving the morning of the first day and returning home the third day.)

    Course Brochure LINK

    Registration: https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3794


    Food Fraud Initial Screening (FFIS) Vulnerability Workshop

    • February 9-10*, 2017, MSU – OPEN REGISTRATION
    • July 20-21*, 2017, MSU (Tentative, based on FSMA & GFSI demand)
    • September 28-29* 2017, MSU

    *NOTE The first day starts at 1pm and the last day ends at Noon for each of the above sessions.  (This course is scheduled to follow the Food Fraud Business Executive Education course if you are attending both.)

    Course Brochure LINK

    Registration: https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3794

    To Our Food Fraud Initiative Partners,

    This is an announcement of “Open Registration” for our next Short Course and Executive Education programs, with an updated marketing flyer and new open registration link.

    Program 1: Food Fraud Business  Executive Education Short Course

    Course Brochure LINK

    Registration: https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3794

    This course is specifically tailored to those who need a thorough understanding of the fundamental Food Fraud concepts.  The insights are applicable from entry level engineers to executives — the content is appropriate for all levels within your organization.  This course is based on the MSU three-credit graduate course Anti-Counterfeit Strategy and Product Protection (VM/PKG/ CJ 840).

    This course has been taught by Dr. Spink since 2008. Dr. Spink’s 2009 MSU Packaging PhD Dissertation was “Analysis of Counterfeit Risks and Development of a Counterfeit Product Risk Model.” Before returning to academia in 2005 he spent 15 years in industry, including 11 with Chevron Corporation. His wide range of experiences included packaging development, plant management, technical sales, new business development, and consulting services. Dr. Spink received the 32nd Packaging PhD on the planet.

    Program 2: Food Fraud Initial Screening (FFIS) Vulnerability Workshop

    Course Brochure LINK

    Registration: https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3794

    The workshop is a structured, education-focused program that provides attendees with introduction and instruction on a Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment. This is the first step to developing a Food Fraud Prevention Plan. This workshop is a deeper and broader dive into the GFSI/ SSAFE Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment, which is complementary to the MSU Quantifying Food Risk graduate course and supports the MSU Food Fraud Business graduate course focus on policy and strategy. Several real-world applications and problem-solving exercises are included that provide students with an effective framework for addressing their organization’s product protection needs.

    The workshop is led by Dr. Doug Moyer, Researcher for the Food Fraud Initiative and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health, College of Human Medicine, MSU. Dr. Moyer’s 2013 MSU Packaging PhD Dissertation was “The Influences of Organizational Behavior on Corporate Packaging Decision Makers for Durable (Repairable) Goods Producers.” Before returning to academia he worked for 25 years at Ford Motor Company in a wide range of positions including Six Sigma, quality management, and as the director of North American packaging. Dr. Moyer received the 45th Packaging PhD on the planet.

    Program Content

    These programs will include insight from our most recent presentations, meetings, and projects, including:

    • US Food Safety Modernization Act impact on Economically Motivated Adulteration and Food Fraud; Food Fraud is mainly addressed in the Preventative Controls rule but has been mentioned throughout FSMA. Overall, the Food, Drug, & Cosmetics Act is still in effect so the “Adulterated Foods” and “Misbranded Foods” sections are still the major drivers. There is a tremendous burden in addressing all FSMA, and while the FF/EMA sections are complex, an overall prevention plan appears to meet the compliance requirements.
    • GFSI Food Fraud Prevention, Vulnerability Assessment/ VACCP: The Food Fraud Think Tank presented at the GFSI conference in February 2015. Clear direction was presented on the Food Fraud concept, the focus on prevention, and the three pillars of HACCP (Hazard/ Food Safety), TACCP (Threat/ Food Defense), and now VACCP (Vulnerability/ Food Fraud).
    • Global Food Safety initiative/ SSAFE Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment: This will be covered and analyzed.
    • China Food Safety Law Content: Dr. Spink will provide the latest insight on the new Chinese Food Safety laws, which include Food Fraud. He spent two months in 2015 in Beijing as a Foreign Subject Matter Expert Fellow for the Chinese National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA). Dr. Spink was also a co-author with CFSA on the Food Fraud Chapter in the book Food Safety in China – Past, Present, and Future.
    • Document Falsification: Due to partner demand we have added a Document Falsification section to the Food Fraud Business program. This will cover CofA’s, import documents, test results, audit certifications, and other topics.

    Our programs will present these concepts and provide insight on how to implement countermeasures within your organization.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require additional information. Complete program and registration information is available at http://foodfraud.msu.edu/resources/events/.

    John Spink


    Food Fraud Initiative

    Assistant Professor

    College of Veterinary Medicine

    Michigan State University




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