• Presentation Schedule – INTERPOL Operation Opson (Dublin), FSAI Food Authenticity and Integrity (Dublin), and Food Fraud Prevention China (Beijing)

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    Attached you will find information on several upcoming MSU Food Fraud Initiative presentations for INTERPOL/ EUROPOL (Dublin), Food Safety Authority of Ireland (Dublin) and the Chinese Food Fraud Prevention Conference (Beijing). Copies of the presentations and conference summaries will follow after the events.

    While there are many conferences and presentations on the “what”, the focus of these events is on the “why” and the “how”.  Why implement a specific prevention countermeasure, and how to start the implementation.

    The goal is not to catch Food Fraud, the goal is to  prevent it from occurring in the first place. We cannot measure success only by arrests or seizures, but must identify critical control points where the fraud opportunity is studied and reduced. The fraudsters are aggressive and adaptive so we must continue to focus on collaboration.

    Our time – and travel expenses – is precious. These three events are some of the most important, critical, and effective collaborations on this topic. These events present an opportunity for you to not only learn but to contribute to the emerging science of Food Fraud prevention. If you cannot attend please follow-up with the best practices that are sure to come from the activities. FFI

    Event: INTERPOL Operation OPSON VI Debrief & Launch OPSON VII (Dublin, Oct 2-3)

    Host: INTERPOL Operation Opson and EUROPOL co-investigation team.

    MSU Presentation: “Academic Research on Food Fraud Prevention and the Public Private Partnership”

    • Content: This will present recent scholarly research on the role of the public private partnership in Food Fraud prevention (co-authored with FSAI, Peter Whelan), core mission concepts (co-authored China CFSA Dr. Yongning Wu and Dr. Miao Hong), and a country-level Food Fraud vulnerability assessment.
    • Audience: International law enforcement agencies who participate in the Operation Opson that focuses on Food Fraud enforcement. Operation Opson is going on its sixth year and has involved over 50 countries.
    • Note: MSU FFI has interacted with Interpol since presenting “Food Counterfeiting and Food Fraud Prevention” at the Intellectual Property Crime Conference in Dublin in October 2013, and previously presenting with the Operation Opson team at the GFSI Conference in Barcelona in March 2013.
    • Registration: The conference is an invitation-only event for law enforcement agencies (and invited guests)

    Event: FSAI – Safeguarding the Food Chain – Protecting Authenticity and Integrity (Dublin, Oct 5-6)

    Host: Food Safety Authority of Ireland and SafeFood Ireland

    MSU Presentation: “Unique Food Fraud Prevention and Challenges in E-Commerce”

    • Content: This will present recent work reviewing e-commerce challenges in China, present a public policy assessment method (“under review” scholarly article with co-author Queen’s University Belfast Christopher Elliott), and a Food Fraud Suspicious Activity Report Method (“under review” scholarly article).
    • Audience: A primarily European food agency, food academic researcher, and industry leader group that focuses on Food Fraud prevention.
    • Note: MSU has interacted and conducted joint research with FSAI since meeting Peter Whelan at the 2013 Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Conference and then later at the 2014 Queen’s University Belfast ASSET conference (which was also attended by MSU’s Professor J. Ian Gray). Recently, Peter was a co-author on an article and FSAI received our MSU Food Fraud Initiative “Share the Puck” valued partner award.
    • Registration: https://www.fsai.ie/news_centre/events/Safeguarding_the_Food_Chain_05102017.html

    Event: Global Action for Prevention and Mitigation of Food Fraud (Beijing, Oct 30-31)

    Host: At the MARS Global Food Safety Center, and other organizers include Laval University (Canada), Danone, Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods, and Queen’s University Belfast

    MSU Presentation: “Integrating Food Fraud Prevention into Enterprise-Wide Management Systems”

    • Content: This will present recent work on enterprise risk management (ERM), including the Food Fraud Initial Screening Tool (FFIS), and new Food Fraud Prevention Method (FFPM). ERM shifts the focus from general ROI to addressing and controlling vulnerabilities within the ERM/COSO type Corporate Risk Map.
    • Audience: An international audience with a focus on the Chinese domestic, import and export markets. The focus is global including a presentation by – among others – the US FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods Dr. Steven Ostroff.
    • Note: MARS has been an MSU Food Fraud Think Tank member since 2016 and was recognized with our “Share the Puck” valued partner award.
    • Registration: http://foodfraudbeijing.medmeeting.org/6509?lang=en

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