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    Review – Codex and Food Fraud: MSU Public Comments and Codex 2017 Direction Setting

    by John Spink • October 13, 2016 • Blog • 0 Comments

    Addressing Food Fraud in Codex Alimentarius is critical to global harmonization of terms and the focus on prevention. The recent Codex meetings discussed Food Fraud but there were no concrete actions. Our Food Fraud Initiative is generating funding to be able to participate in these activities. Building on our years of working with ISO...

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    USP’s Comments to FDA on ‘Intentional Adulteration’ and ‘Economically Motivated Adulteration’

    by John Spink • June 4, 2014 • Blog • 0 Comments

    US Pharmacopeia (USP) recommends the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) adopt a ‘hybrid’ framework to address combating Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA) – a sub-category of Food Fraud – separate from preventative controls (Food Safety) or catastrophic events (Food Defense). USP, and their Food Chemicals Codex, is an important stakeholder in protecting the global...

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    New Publications – ‘Defining the Types of Fraudsters’ and ‘Development of an Incident Clustering Tool’

    by John Spink • April 30, 2014 • Blog • 0 Comments

    We just published two articles that are already contributing to advancing Food Fraud prevention.  They are scholarly, peer-reviewed publications, which are especially helpful in supporting the development of government regulations and reports (scholarly journals meet the government need for “science-based” insight).  These articles are already making an impact, as they are cited in a...

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