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    Announcement – £500,000 EU Food Fraud Grant for Queen’s University Belfast and MSU’s Food Fraud Initiative

    by John Spink • August 15, 2014 • Blog • 0 Comments

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dr. John Spink, Director & Assistant Professor, Food Fraud Initiative, Michigan State University, spinkj@msu.edu , www.FoodFraud.msu.edu , Phone: (517) 381-4491 MSU’s Food Fraud Initiative Director Dr. John Spink is pleased to announce being included as a Co-Investigator on a research team that was awarded a £500,000 grant to tackle global...

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    Review of QUB Food Integrity ASSET 2014 Conference

    by John Spink • May 14, 2014 • Blog • 0 Comments

    Food Integrity and Food Fraud were key focus areas at the recent ‘Food Integrity and Traceability Conference’  (http://www.qub.ac.uk/asset2014/ ) hosted by Queen’s University Belfast. I was invited as a Keynote Speaker to cover Food Fraud Prevention.  Four 5-minute videos were created to cover the key concepts, including the Food Fraud prevention focus in China....

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    “Share the Puck” – Valued Partner Award Given to Professor Christopher Elliott and the Queen’s University Belfast Team

    by John Spink • April 5, 2014 • Blog • 0 Comments

    While at the DEFRA conference in York, UK in February, we awarded the Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) team with our “Share the Puck” Valued Partner award.  Leading their team is Professor Christopher Elliott, who has been an important colleague at QUB’s Institute for Global Food Security. Our MSU Food Fraud Initiative (FFI) recognizes key...

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    Review of the UK Elliott Interim Report on Food Fraud

    by John Spink • January 30, 2014 • Blog • 0 Comments

    The UK is taking a serious look at Food Fraud laws and regulations.  It’s encouraging that many of the global agency and industry reports are focusing on the same broad concepts as well as having a distinct focus on prevention – from the start we are harmonizing the terminology and approaches.  This UK report...

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