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    Business woman typing on keyboardIntroducing our “Food Fraud 20 Questions” survey. This first survey covers Data Needs and Collection. You are invited to participate, share or forward as you see fit.  The link is below.  Both you and your responses will remain anonymous.


    Before continuing to the post on the survey, please note our next education program dates:

    • Executive Education – Food Fraud Business
      • 9/25 1pm – 9/27 Noon
    • Workshop – Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment/ Initial Screening
      • 9/27 1pm – 9/30 Noon
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    “20 Questions” Survey

    MSU’s Food Fraud Initiative (FFI) created the “20 Questions” survey in response to requests for direct and rapid assessment of current activities and research needs.

    The format is 20 questions that address a particular research question. Several additional demographic questions that will allow meta-analysis with other surveys are also included. The survey should only take 10 minutes.

    SURVEY LINK: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/57H5FR6

    Data Needs and Collection

    There has been a shift from companies asking “What is food fraud?” to “What is a vulnerability assessment?” to now “What do we do with our vulnerability assessment?” When starting to make resource allocation decisions there are questions about the vulnerability assessment methods and the quality of the data.

    This survey was developed under a UK/ESRC Grant through Queen’s University Belfast. Professor Christopher Elliott and I are the investigators on “Work Plan 3 Data Collection Needs.” The specific objective of the grant is “To identify ways of improving the collection and exchange of information on Food Fraud detection globally.”

    A main question is whether this is “enough” and “good enough” data. The specification for precision, accuracy, and certainty is defined by the needs of the resource-allocation decision maker. An important Data Analytics or Big Date research question is “What is the specification of the data that is needed to change what specific decision.”

    On a New Food Magazine webinar I said that:

    “Food fraud is a teenager getting ready to go to college and there is a transition of maturing.”

    Part of that maturing is a need for more and different information. To note, that webinar included some top Food Fraud researchers and an incredible discussion that raised a lot of questions about “data needs.” Our “Food Fraud 20 Questions” survey will provide more insight to help you as well as the research direction. Please participate and forward as you see fit. JWS.

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