• Food Fraud Primer Series

    Primer Series

    The MSU Food Fraud Initiative Primer Series is a collection of short overviews on key topics. These are considered public documents and can be shared with anyone, any time. Rather than distributing the PDF versions, it is recommended that you use the link to this page so that recipients can make sure to receive the latest versions.

    The Primers are organized under Food Integrity into the two categories of Quality Assurance and Food Protection. Below those categories, Quality Assurance includes Food Quality and Food Safety; Food Protection includes Food Fraud and Food Defense. Each of the types of food risks then includes a series of topics: an overview, assessment, strategy, compliance, and then unique topics, such as intelligence analysis. Other related products are often addressed, such as dietary supplements.

    The hierarchy of the Primer documents is presented here, including the Overview Topics and the Detail Topics:








    1. Primer on Food Fraud Prevention: this is an overview of the topic.





















    2. Primer on Food Fraud Compliance











    3. Primer on Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment (FFVA)











    4. Primer on Food Fraud Prevention Method (FFPM)











    These Primer documents are presented to supplement your training and education needs.



    Appendix: MSU-FFI Courses

    This is a brief summary of our MSU Food Fraud Initiative training and education options:

    Open Online Course (MOOC – free, open, online): http://foodfraud.msu.edu/mooc/

    • Free, open, online, open to everyone, includes a ‘certificate of completion’
    • Each course is offered monthly, on-demand, with bi-annual updated live lectures.
    • Food Fraud Overview MOOC <Offered continuously since 2013>
    • Food Fraud Audit Guide MOOC <New July 2017>
    • Food Defense Audit Guide MOOC <New January 2018>
    • FF Vulnerability Assessment & FF Prevention Strategy Development MOOC <New July 2018>

    Executive Education (Short-Course):

    • Food Fraud Strategy, Quantifying Food Risk with Vulnerability Assessments

    Graduate Courses (Online, Three Credits): http://foodfraud.msu.edu/resources/programs-courses/

    • Anti-Counterfeit & Product Protection (Food Fraud)
    • Quantifying Food Risk (including Food Fraud)
    • Global Food Safety (including Food Fraud)
    • Food Protection and Defense (Packaging Module)
    • Packaging for Food Safety

    Graduate Certificate (Online, Four Courses Each):

    • Certificate in Food Fraud Prevention (Food Safety)

    Master of Science in Food Safety (Online):